A woman swims from Bangladesh to India to marry her Facebook lover

A Bangladeshi lady swam over the border to marry her sweetheart in India. What occurred next is as follows.

A 22-year-old Bangladeshi lady swam over the border to marry her fiance from India. She braved the Sunderbans’ untamed jungles, swam for an hour, and crossed into India to be with the love of her life.

Krishna Mandal, a Bangladeshi lady, met Abhik Mandal on Facebook and fell in love. Krishna opted to cross the border illegally since she lacked a passport.

Krishna initially entered the Sundarbans, which is noted for its Royal Bengal Tigers, according to police sources. She then swam through the river for almost an hour to reach her goal.

What occurred after that?

Krishna wedded Abhik three days ago at the Kalighat Temple in Kolkata. She was caught on Monday, however, for unlawfully entering the nation.

According to sources, Krishna may be turned over to the Bangladesh High Commission.

A Bangladeshi adolescent jumped over the border earlier this year to purchase chocolate from India.

To acquire his favourite chocolate bar, Eman Hossain swam over a small river and crossed the border into India via a crack in a fence. The adolescent was turned over to the local police, who then took him to court. He was then put in judicial detention for 15 days.

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