Will your Roshan digital account freeze? Here’s what you should know.

Claims of Foreign Currency Accounts, Roshan Digital Accounts, and Safety Deposit Lockers have been disproved by the government and the State Bank of Pakistan.

Foreign Currency Accounts (FCA), Roshan Digital Accounts (RDA), and Safety Deposit Lockers at banks in Pakistan are completely safe, according to a joint statement issued by the SBP and Ministry of Finance. There is no proposal under consideration to restrict these accounts or lockers.

Social media is buzzing with rumours that the government or state bank is contemplating suspending or restricting withdrawals from foreign currency accounts, Roshan digital accounts, or safety deposit boxes. According to the statement, such rumours are “completely false and unjustified.”

Such a proposition has never been considered by the central bank, either now or in the past. Aside from this protection for foreign currency accounts,

Roshan Digital Accounts are also legally covered by the Foreign Currency Accounts (Protection) Ordinance 2001, which is supported by the Government and State Bank of Pakistan.

The administration and the State Bank are doing all they can to maintain the country’s macroeconomic stability. Due to the recent government moves to reduce petroleum subsidies, a deal with the IMF and release of IMF tranches as well as financial support from other multilateral organisations and friendly nations would be reached sooner rather than later.

We are optimistic that these actions will reduce the temporary stress being experienced owing to high global commodity prices and geopolitical concerns, and remove uncertainty in the economy,” the statement said.

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