The maximum number of members that can be included in a WhatsApp group has been increased to 512 from 256.

In the newest update, Whatsapp officially announced the rise of members limit in groups.

WhatsApp groups may now have up to 512 members. Prior to this change, there were only 256 members authorised.

One of our most often asked questions is how to expand a group chat, so we’ve started gently rolling out the ability to add up to 512 participants.

With this new tool , social media marketing is simple.

Before this everyone was restricted to 256 members in a single WhatsApp group. So after 256 members firm or brand had to form another group and then file sharing etc was more time-consuming.

WhatsApp recently expanded the number of participants on WhatsApp group calls, which now enables up to 32 members in group calls.

This functionality is solely restricted to the smartphone edition.

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