Wealthy Pakistani woman falls in love with man after he changed her punctured tyre, couple is married now

Love is a complex emotion that can manifest in many different ways and is not dependent only on factors such as social status. People can love someone regardless of their socioeconomic status, their job, or other external factors.

Generally, people love someone because of their inner qualities, such as their kindness, intelligence, and sense of humor. Love is often said to be blind, meaning that people are not always rational or logical when it comes to who they love.

Love is about the connection between people and the emotions, feelings and chemistry they share together. Recently a Pakistani couple has also demonstrated the same. Here is their love story.

Ayesha, a woman from a rich Pakistani family, falls in love with her tire technician Jasin. The couple who tied the knot appeared in an online interview with YouTuber Syed Basit Ali.

In the interview, Ayesha told how she met Jasin. It all started when his tire got punctured during one of his trips. He contacted a few people to help fix his tire, but they were at a loss. Instead, they drove her car to Jason’s shop.

On seeing the vehicle, the man immediately asked the workers at his shop to check the tire condition. He also asked Aisha to make her comfortable while she waited for her car to be fixed. He offered her tea and got the car ready. Jason’s attitude towards her left a lasting impression.

He fell in love with her. Soon Aisha grabbed every opportunity to see Jason. The woman even punctured her car on purpose to meet him again and again.

Talking about their relationship, Jasin said that Ayesha is a loving person. He also claimed that she makes fun of his work with the game. However, the pair are head over heels for each other and their different social statuses have no place in their marriage.

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