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Pandemic has hit hard Across Australia, During 2020 when we have our first lockdown in Australia, PCIA volunteers worked round the clock to make sure we reach out to every house hold in need. Lots of of groceries were delivered to the people in trouble.

Grocery Boxes where Distribution during COVID-19

PCIA volunteers delivered more than 200 grocery gift boxes all across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne through out the 2020.

Distributed Cooked Food across Sydney

Now, After a lot of demand, PCIA has decided to introduce a feature to help others within the community. There is a new option created in the app so that people who are willing to help can register themselves as volunteers. And those who are facing difficulties can ask for what they need within the app.

Note: Please don’t help anyone Financially through app we are not responsible for any Scam, as there are many bad fish in Community as well.

Danish is Available to Help with Groceries and Cooked food if anyone Required help.

No work due to lockdown? Don’t worry now!… We have many registered volunteers who are there to help you, all the people of Pakistani & wider communities in need, regardless of your colour, race, nationality or religion. No questions will be asked. Most of the people are working round the clock so can be approached anytime of the day..

To Download PCIA Mobile app Follow the link below

Download PCIA MOBILE APP Apple Store download. Name of App :PCIA



Idea of the app is to bring community together and mission is ” No one will sleep Empty Stomach” .

We embrace diversity and work towards eradication of hunger and poverty in our communities. It’s always a good feeling to help vulnerable people of the communities, regardless of their color, race, nationality, or religion..

App also have Full Quran with Urdu Translation( Audio) Halal Groceries and many more.

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