Australian new Labor government to prioritize visa application backlog in upcoming days

The backlog of visa applications will be a priority for the incoming administration of Australia.

CANBERRA, June 8 — In response to a lack of skilled laborer’s, the immigration minister of Australia has given instructions to the Department of Home Affairs to prioritise the processing of visa applications.

On Wednesday, Andrew Giles, the minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services, and Multicultural Affairs in the new administration, announced that he has made it a priority to remove a backlog of visa applications.

In an interview with Nine Entertainment media, he stated that “the unusual delay in the processing of visa applications has been raised by the community and with the past government for many years.” [Citation needed]

“The Australian government has made it a top priority to process all of the pending immigration applications. I have voiced my concerns to the Department of Home Affairs over the present status of the visa processing system, and we are dedicated to ensuring that visa applications are completed in a timely way.”

The previous administration chose not to make public any information on the amount of skilled worker visa applications received.

However, the overall number of skilled temporary visa holders in Australia is expected to drop to 96,000 in 2022, down from a peak of 195,000 in 2014. This amount was recorded in 2014.

Employers are having difficulty due to “protracted” processing delays for skilled migrants, according to Andrew McKellar, chief executive officer of the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI).

“There is a need for additional resources to cut down on the lengthy wait periods for visa processing. The present delays are just not acceptable given the number of firms that have been left without personnel and consequently are unable to afford to remain open “he stated.

“We need to open up employer sponsored migration to all skilled vocations in order to make the skilled migration system more accessible and accountable.”

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