The story of model and dancer Usman Baig leaving the showbiz industry

In this modern era, it is not easy to choose a completely religious path when one is young and looking and experiencing a vibrant and prosperous career in the showbiz industry.

Recently, a young and talented Lollywood dancer and model chose a more religious path than showbiz. Young model and dancer Usman Baig, who worked with Nargis, Didar and many other actors, completely changed his career from a dancer to a religious preacher.

Former Pakistani model Usman Baig has opened up about leaving Islam.

Talking about it, he said, “I loved to dance, after college I started it professionally, I worked with many famous actors and I also did many solo performances.

Soon I started thinking that showbiz is not my field and I was getting restless, I was losing my peace, I prayed to Allah for peace and Allah paved the way for me, first of all my Mother told me to be religious.

I also went on retreat, met many scholars and got guidance. Thanks to Allah, now people respect me instead of trolling me, I am also earning well, I used to earn well before but it was forbidden.

Now I earn Halal. I want to make my son a scholar.”

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