TROLLi, a Community e-Grocery App, can help ease the Job Crisis in Australia!

Are you someone who is unable to find a job and struggling to pay his bills or tuition fee? If yes, then this is what you Must know!

Unemployment is at its peak and that is stressful

We are living in a highly competitive world where unemployment rates are high and people are suffering from depression and mental health issues. All kinds of small and big businesses around the world are facing their worst nightmares right now. Due to COVID-19, our world is going through financial stress and because of these financial constraints, businesses are shutting down and a large population has been laid off. Everything around is pretty daunting but, there is a but to every story.

Grocery Delivery Apps are creating jobs and TROLLi is definitely the one you should go for!

Although we are living in hard times, there is still one positive thing that is helping to bring the light in. TROLLi, a community e-Grocery App, aims towards playing a huge part in making sure that Australia’s employment rates are back on track again. TROLLi, not only believes in providing a great customer experience for its users with an efficient grocery delivery service at a cheaper rate, but is also a chance for various unemployed people to become a Shopper and earn a living. TROLLi is a hope for various unemployed individuals who wish to earn and study or work on another job simultaneously. TROLLi, is an opportunity for You!

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This is how it works!

Individuals, such as household people who go to the market to do their own grocery and simultaneously earn by doing groceries for neighbours, Or students who are willing to earn an extra income, sign themselves up as a Shopper with TROLLi. Once hired, they start working for TROLLi by delivering grocery items to clients from nearby stores. The shopper is notified of the grocery items the client wants and that’s then he/she goes to the store(s) to buy those items. In order to save the Shopper’s time and quick delivery, Client can also request Online order pick up (by giving the reference number), plus Client can request further items from other shops in One go.

The Shopper has an advantage to earn more if there are multiple stores listed to shop from. He/She can also very easily deliver to more than one client every day which means the more number of deliveries, the more income. Once the grocery is delivered to the client, the shopper gets his grocery amount at Client’s doorstep, while his earnings (delivery fee) will be transferred later to his Bank Account. The main idea of TROLLi is to create a win-win situation for both Client and Shopper, where Client would get cheaper delivery from One or More stores or even Local Shops, while Shopper makes an extra income with an easy sign up process.

Save your today and tomorrow with TROLLi

TROLLi is all you need to support yourself right now. If you are willing to push yourself from this hole of unemployment, distress and discomfort, sign up as a shopper with TROLLi, today and earn money to build a prosperous future for yourself.

To download the app or for further details:

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