TROLLi Australia, a MULTI- STORE e-Grocery App, Will be the Future Trend!

Do you believe grocery shopping, once or twice, every week, can be very frustrating and highly exhausting? Visiting Multiple Stores, struggling to find a parking spot outside all the stores you want to explore, waiting in long queues for billing and listening to children screaming while you push your cart from one aisle to another, can, without a doubt, test your patience to the fullest.

We all understand that it’s not easy for a mother with kids or even a single person to spend half of their weekends for grocery runs. Think about a situation if someone else could go to ALL those local shops or Stores for you and get you the grocery, while you save your time for Friends and Family and other important things in life.

Here is how you can finally get rid of leaving your house for groceries

TROLLi, a Multi-store e-Grocery app, is everything you need to save your energy and time from moving between Multiple Stores in the search of fresh grocery items. This community e-Grocery app helps you sit at your home and order your customized cart, such that different items can be delivered from different Stores or even Local Shops on the Same Day, and delivery fee is also very cheap. Through TROLLi App, One Shopper does grocery for several homes, thus contributing towards making grocery shops less crowded. And this is much needed during these COVID-19 times.

Pro Tip: As a Client, you can place Online orders at Coles or Woolworths, then use that Order reference in TROLLi App for a cheaper Pick-up. Plus you can also order some more items from some other local shop. This will make your delivery ‘Quicker’ and will make Shopper’s job easier.

TROLLi, a convenient way to sort out your weekly grocery

From the magic of just your fingers, you can easily decide the things you want from whichever store you wish for and a shopper, hired by TROLLi, will get your cart full and deliver items at your doorstep. It’s a win-win situation for both. You get to enjoy all the grocery items you want while the shopper gets paid for doing the job for you.

Clients, through TROLLi, can either request individual items to be delivered or ask for a pick up of online orders, mentioning an order reference number as Item itself, under related stores. Clients have a complete right on their trolleys. They can customize their virtual carts with products from multiple stores in the comforts of their own house and request them to be delivered on the time they wish for. The fear of missing a particular grocery item while you shop around various stores on the block with exhaustion is long gone because a shopper from TROLLi will cover all the items you want.

Choose the App for a comforting experience

It’s as easy and flexible as it sounds! If you feel like you have spent most of your life doing grocery trips, then you are not alone. Most people do feel safe but as they say Now or Never. TROLLi aims to change the way grocery has always been done. Download the App now and enjoy the perks, this community e-Grocery App, has to offer. Happy Shopping!

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