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Struggle always shine stars

“I would never class myself as cool as today,” says Tariq Naveed, an emerging modern singer, writer, and actor. “The only reason it might seem like I am is that I’m secretly a hardworking, Not even secretly really. And I think that we are probably in a time now where practicing lots and spending a lot of time on your own is seen as cool.” Amazing things can be done from inside

Tariq has been singing since childhood, Tariq brought up in a family where arts practice was highly supported and appreciated by family members. As a kid growing up in Lahore Pakistan, Lahore is the heaven of the artist of onstage and backstage, from school time, he known to child stars, In these days singer unique voice makes a singer very especially such as singer Atif Aslam

Tariq says  “I don’t want to show just for the showcase, I always try to hold a deep message in all of the art works,

Official Song ISHQ KHUDA by Tariq Naveed

In response of his latest release ISHQ KHUDA , he shared that, initially I was holding a concept only to promote Pakistani folk music internationally, but when bushfire leaves lots of  horrible memories and stories of my second home country Australia,” I have extended my concept and plan to combine  Pakistani precious folk music and tragedy of bushfire,”

In reply of how Australian singer ‘      ‘  join ISHQ KHUDA music album, Tariq informed that initially it was difficult to include any Australian  singer in the music’s but after audition, my team found an English poet and Australian singer, even the music album concept was highly appreciated on my platform such community and social associations

What two creative people have had the most impact on you and why?

My album Director Wasim Hyder, whom I obsessively listened to and accepted him as an experienced film director, and also my elder brother. He understands my concept of humanity, harmony, and love in ISHQ KHUDA and then it was his project only, We all need to follow him. My wife …… she always supported, appreciated in every tough time, even when I was busy day and night serving art and or during the shooting of my album ISHQ KUHDA.

What kind of music album you like produce in the future when and why?

My content will always be family-oriented with a unique storyline,

My latest album was highly appreciated by Pakistani Senior artistic, which encourage me to launch another album in 3months., Many of my well-wishers counting days

What boosts your power when you feel tired and worried?

I read motivational books and biography of a hardworking successful artist  

What’s your idea of a perfect day?

Either I would spend time with my friend at my house or take my team for a walk in the forest, go to the cinema, play music with friends in a kind of band setup.

If you could master any skill (that isn’t related to your singing), what would it be and why?

Event Management. I would love to arrange international events for Hollywood stars

What piece of advice has had the biggest impact on you and why? I met many renowned singers from India and Pakistan, and they told me that when you go to perform, only concentrate on your first and last performance. Let everything in the middle come to you.

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