Student Visa


Student visas allow you to study in Australia, and to stay in Australia for the duration of your studies. It is possible to extend your student visa in Australia if you wish to study further. You are allowed to work 20 hours per week on your student visa (or 40 hours per fortnight).

Once you have received an offer letter from the institution of your choice and paid your tuition fees, you receive a Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), which you use to apply for your student visa. The Department of Border Protection (DIBP) can approve or reject your visa application. (Most student visas are approved.)The simplified student visa framework (SSVF) is introduced to improve the quality of the visa application process. The student visa sub classes are now mainly student visa has now been changed into only two sub classes (500 & 590).STUDENT VISA (SUB-CLASS 500).


MAIN FEATURES: This visa allows you to stay in Australia to study Full-Time in a well-recognized educational institution.


  • This visa allows you to stay in Australia to study full-time in a recognized educational institution.
  • You may be able to bring your family members with you as dependents on your visa.
  • Your visa will usually be granted for one to two months longer than the duration of your course.
  • You are allowed to work part-time for up to 20 hours during term time, and full-time during your holidays.


You need to be in possession of a valid Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) received from the educational institution of your choice when you apply for your first visa or visa extension. This means you have been offered a place in a course offered to international students in Australia, and have paid for the course.