People who are considering to travel to Australia on study visa can you kindly at least once research the alternatives you have?

People who are intending to move to Australia on study visa can you please at least once explore the options if you may be eligible for a Permanent Residence? Especially Engineers with 1-5 years of experience and Computer Programmers and Network people with 2-10 years of experience.

For Student Visa, You’re going to spend full effort of your life in these two years with countless depressive and sleepless nights and a 100,000$ approx.

Can you spend 10% of it in Pakistan and score 8 bands in IELTS/ PTE each module no matter if it takes 20 attempts and come here directly on PR in just less than 10 thousand dollars?

Master won’t have a “Takay Ka Difference” in your life except possibly a better Rishta (which you’re gonna get anyway when you’ll be overseas ). UNLESS you wanna go back and start teaching in Pakistan. Here, for a field job, you sadly won’t get an interview call for being OVERQUALIFIED and you’ll have to delete that from your resume (happened with me a lot) to ”phir fittay mou” aisi degree per.

According to proposed citizenship changes, you may get your citizenship in 7 years by latest if you’re on study visa and in 5 years if you enter directly on PR.

I mean wah bhai wah, if you spend lacs of rupees some people even sell their properties back home for that, then you’ll get it in 7 years the latest I’ve seen people since 10 years and still no PR. But if you directly enter on PR, you have to spend nothing but time and get citizenship in a max 5 years.

Have a complete research on how can you earn points for PR. Agar bohot sakht parrhnay ka shauq hai to phir bhi you can study while being a permanent resident and it will cost you quite less than the actual overseas student fee.

Now please go to and explore visa 489, 190 and 189 for further investigation and please join Pakistani Community in Australia (PCIA) to get general advice for your profile. If you a proper Migration advice contact Vision Consultants Australia, they are expert in Visa and Migration advice.


IELTS is NOT a measure to measure your English but to assess your testing skills as well. Keep practicing from book 6 7 and 8 or whatever the latest books are. Practice as much as you can. You can also use Digital media platforms like YouTube, Facebook etc. to crack IELTS/ PTE. Please try to do at least one mock every day, Take help from google also many mock tests are available.

Days before exam every night recite 2 Rakat Tawbah, 2 Rakat Shukrana and 2 Rakat Haajit and Make Dua to Allah to make it easy for you. This method Worked for many peoples in getting 9 9 8.5 and 7.5 in first attempt of PTE after four attempts of IELTS.

Its been many years now since we are helping people on various forums. We’ve been taught to help people and We feel happy to help them but my demand is to have a little bit of research on your own (everything is on google).

Idher muft mai aapko rasta nai deta koi hu, bohot se saalon ki khwari bacha rhay hain aapki. Aur hamara konsa koi daftar hai immigration ka jo mujhe faida ho. Its my trade with Allah SWT.

Those who have recently landed in Australia, They can re look if they’re eligible for PR or not, Don’t wait start working on degree assessment along with your studies, and clear PTE. File PR as soon as your requirement is complete and get PR and study rest of degree in 20-30% fee.

Those who are going to finish in the near future, abhi se start working on PTE and Assessment so that you don’t have to waste khamkhwaa ke 5 6000 AUD on TR. Many people moved from study direct to PR in weeks. Luck and Prayers of people like you.

There might be some people who have finished their degrees in Pakistan recently and just realized that their profession isn’t in the SOL or MLTSSL list. In that case, We would suggest them to come on student visa (in a program which is likely to stay in the list for longer) because they would never want to stay in Pakistan for another bachelor.

Eventually everyone opts for this pathway to become permanent resident. 1% of people might be the ones who intend to go back leaving the chance of PR behind.

Students who’ve just passed their Intermediate, We’d suggest them to stay back home, Enjoy the university life in Pakistan and choose your field of study wisely. You’re not gonna get that Uni life here.

For those who are finding the scope of their programs, The scope is yours. Not of your degree. Study well whatever you do.

We hope it would help you.

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