An unusual situation occurred in India in which a guy brought the snake that had bitten his wife to a hospital so that the staff could identify it.

According to a report from an Indian news source, Ramendra Yadav’s wife was bitten by a snake when she was at her home in the Afzal Nagar neighbourhood of Hyderabad city.

He brought his wife to the local hospital so that she might get treatment. Unexpectedly, the guy took the lizard, which he had captured in a container, to the medical centre so that the physicians could determine what species it was.

“What if you were to ask me which snake it was that bit my wife? “I brought the snake so that you could see for yourself,” he informed the physicians. “I want you to see for yourselves.”

He said that the holes that he drilled in the container allowed the snake to have air to breathe. After his wife is released from the hospital, the guy said that he will let the monster free into the wild.

An earlier peculiar occurrence had residents in the Gopalganj district of the state of Bihar bringing in a snake that had been responsible for the agonising death of a youngster who had been bitten by the snake but had survived the ordeal.

Anuj, the son of Rohit Kumar, who was just four years old at the time, was playing outdoors with the other children. After hearing the cries coming from the area, the people hurried to the spot.

Some of the people came to assist the youngster, while others brought sticks in an attempt to kill the reptile, which had already passed away by the time they arrived.

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