Should I Come Australia on PR or Study Visa ?

The most common Question asked on all platform, Should I come on PR or Study Visa. ?

Answer depends on you own Skills,  If you think you are doing Bachelor degree in Pakistan from a reputed University or Institute. Then thick for applying Masters degree in Australia .

But, If you doing Bachelor and went to meet Migration agent who suggested you to leave Bachelor degree and go and study in Australia, HE IS MAKING MONEY , he don’t care about your Future.

Master and PHD is the great option to Study, After completing Degree you will get 2 years Post study work Visa . More opportunities to get Jobs.

On other hand if you are doing Masters in Pakistan try to complete that and then apply for PR.

Only mandatory thing required thing in both Cases are IELTS , to Study you need at least 6.0 Over all Bands, and to Apply for PR need 7.0 IELTS, to secure PR 10 Points.

PTE is easier as compared to IELTS, It’s an Computer based test and marking system. Easy to Score marks .

Pakistan don’t have test center, Nearest country is UAE which offer PTE exams.


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