Ramiz Raja condemns political interference in cricket to accommodate ‘Sethi and his thugs’

Recently ousted Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramiz Raja on Monday criticized what he called an amendment to the cricket board’s constitution to name himself current chairman Najam Sethi and “his thugs”. “by adjusting the so-called “political interference”.

On 21 December, in a major top-level reshuffle in the Pakistan Cricket Board, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif named a 14-member management committee headed by Sethi to run the affairs of the PCB until elections are held in the next four months.

In a video shared on his YouTube channel today in which he answered questions from the public, Raja said “politics should not interfere in cricket”.

It was the cricketers’ game and their playground, he said, adding that people should not be brought in from outside who “come and attack and think that what you are doing is not right. “.

“You changed the constitution of the whole [PCB] to bring in one person, Najam Sethi, and accommodate him. I’ve never seen that anywhere else in the world.”

He said there was a way to such a process and lamented that the change – along with the change of chief selector – was made in the middle of the cricket season when the teams were coming to play.

“You say goodbye to people respectfully. He (Sethi) was tweeting at 2:15 am that Rameez Raja is out and people should congratulate him.

Raja said that he is a Test cricketer and this is his playground. “So you are hurt because it seems like there is a messiah who will take cricket to greater heights, even though we know they have different motives,” added the former PCB chief.

“There is no concept that they have come for the growth and development of cricket. They have come for the kingdom and they enjoy getting the limelight somehow.

“It has nothing to do with cricket and he never picked up a bat and then he was appointed chairman,” said Raja.

He pointed out that he was given the charge of PCB chairman for three years but after just 12 months he was “sidelined” due to “political interference and political appointments”.

“Our cricket will be destroyed like that because when there is no continuity and people are brought in through the backdoor like that, what will your level be?”

He said that such appointments created pressure on the entire cricket structure from top to bottom.

“Only in Pakistan can you change the constitution to accommodate a person or bring in his goons.”

Raja said that he will also raise the issue of political interference in sports at international forums. Is this a joke with our cricket? “People are angry about it,” he concluded, adding.

Meanwhile, Sethi said during a media talk today on a question about Raja’s continued comments: “Ramiz Raja will not be stopped at all. I respect him a lot. I realize the pressure he was under.” ”

Najam Sethi said that if Raja was selected for commentary, the PCB “will not oppose it at any stage – no sir we will not”.

The committee headed by Sethi includes Shakeel Sheikh (former PCBBOG), Gulzada (former PCBBOG), Nauman Butt (former PCBBOG), former Test cricketers Haroon Rashid, Shahid Khan Afridi. , and Shafqat Rana, Sana Mir (PCB) included. Former Pakistan Women Team Captain, Aiza Syed (Ex-Director PCBNHPC), Tanveer Ahmed (Ex-President Larkana Region), Advocate Supreme Court Mustafa Ramday and Chaudhry Arif Saeed (CEO Service Industries).

A member of the new management committee said on condition of anonymity that the committee was formed in the light of PCB’s 2014 constitution.

The said member had said that “this committee will work till the elections of Board of Governors and Chairman of PCB which will be held within 120 days.”

“Now, at any time after formal approval from the Federal Cabinet as soon as the summary is sent for [its] approval through circulation, the 2019 Constitution of the PCB shall be formally repealed and the 2014 The Constitution will be formally restored.”

The 2019 constitution was approved by former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The committee will manage the affairs of the PCB with full administrative powers with a view to influencing departmental cricket structure and related matters including nomination of the Board of Governors and election of the Chairman within 120 days.

According to sources, there were strong chances that Sethi would formally take over as the PCB chairman after the abrogation of the 2019 constitution, after the completion of the relevant legislation.

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