Shehbaz Sharif recently declared that Pakistan will progress like a rocket, But instead of progressing, Pakistan is declining.

What do you think, Please share your opinions with us. Before making a decision please have a look a look on government recent decisions.

  • Pakistan’s new government recently decided not to roll back billions in fuel subsidies
  • Govt. to give Rs 2,000 per month to those earning less than Rs 40,000
  • New government removed subsidy from electricity
  • The federal cabinet banned import of around 41 items for two months
  • Govt Announces Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme for Schools
  • PM Shahbaz Sharif inaugurates Islamabad Metro Bus service
  • Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif urged China to help restore the mass transit rail network, Karachi Circular Railway, which has been lying defunct for the last two decades
  • Govt. Free Petrol banned for Govt Ministers

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