Andrew Giles, Australia’s new immigration minister, has blasted the previous Morrison administration for ignoring immigration duties

Andrew Giles, Australia’s new immigration minister, has criticised the past Morrison administration for failing to prioritise immigration functions.

He also claimed at the FECCA 2022 conference that the incoming government is striving to reduce the wait time for parent visas applications.

Andrew Giles, the recently sworn in Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services, and Multicultural Affairs, delivered his first speech at the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils of Australia (FECCA) Conference, which is now taking place in Melbourne, on June 16.

  • Backlogs in visa and citizenship applications are a “absolute priority” for the administration, according to the immigration minister.
  • ‘Parent visa is a critical issue for my electorate,’ says Andrew Giles at the FECCA conference.
  • ‘Due to the current backlog caused by the epidemic, the next government must act fast,’ says former immigration minister Dan Tehan.

“An immediate priority for me is dealing with the carelessness and backlog of the visa system, as well as citizenship processing, which has resulted from a long period of disregard of our nation’s immigration duties under the Liberal administration,” he added.

“PM Albanese and I are focused on first eliminating the backlog, and I have been in frequent meetings with ministries and authorities to ensure this is a priority for us.”

“And I don’t believe we can stress the importance of this with so many individuals who have been separated for so long as a result of the epidemic.” “Those personal relationships must be rebuilt,” Mr Giles continued.

The minister also mentioned the waiting period for persons seeking Australian citizenship.

“My final point is that far too many Australians have waited far too long to become citizens.” “That is something more that has to be addressed,”

The minister described Australian citizenship as “a lengthy journey, a significant and often wonderful event in people’s life,” adding, “the reality that many individuals have waited many years, that’s just wrong.”

Mr Giles also stated that the new administration was dedicated to work on parent visas. This has been a major area of concern for the Indian-Australian community.

“This is an extremely critical subject for many people,” he continued, “including many people in my electorate.”

Mr Giles praised the importance of the FECCA 2022 conference, saying the Labor administration will “work towards a country where everyone really belongs, where everyone is appreciated, respected, and proud of who they are.”

In response to a question on whether talented temporary workers should be awarded permanent residency, Mr Giles stated, “what I am worried about is ensuring that we reset our immigration system throughout the field to a higher preference for permanent modes of migration.”

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