Thailand man forgets his wife after a toilet break on a road trip, forcing her to walk 20 kilometres

For better or worse, he didn’t mean to stop.

A Thai driver is being mocked online after accidentally rear-ending his passenger during a Christmas Day pee stop – forcing him to walk more than 12 miles to get help.

The marriage check went wrong when Bontom Chimon, 55, and his wife, Amanwe Chimon, 49, went on a road trip to celebrate the New Year in their hometown of Maha Sarakham at 3 a.m. on Sunday, Must Share News reported.

Everyone was swimming until her husband said he needed to pee urgently and parked his car on the side of the road. Amnoye reportedly asked his other half why he didn’t stop at a gas station — but when he didn’t answer, he decided to relieve himself in the woods, too.

Her husband apparently didn’t notice that she had to go too.

When the wife returned from her bathroom break, she found her husband gone without her — leaving her alone on the side of the road in the dark, according to local site Daily News.

Feeling lost and scared, Amnoye decided to move to Kaban Bari district, 20 km (12.4 mi) away. After a seemingly endless trek, she reached her destination at 5 am, after which she reported to the local police station.

However, her odyssey was not over as the stranded woman did not know her husband’s number and allegedly left her phone inside a bag in the car. Reporters called the device more than 20 times but no one picked up.

At that point, authorities tried to contact her relatives instead. Amnoye feared that if she could not get hold of her husband or family, she would have to exchange her gold necklace for travel money.

According to Thailand Post English, it wasn’t until 8 a.m. that authorities finally managed to catch up with his absent minded partner, who had by then traveled 159.6 kilometers (100 miles) to Korat province.

After hearing what he had done, Bontom quickly turned around and drove to Kaban Buri to pick up his spouse.

When asked how he could drive so far without noticing her absence, the humiliated husband said he thought she had been sleeping in the back seat all his life. On his return, he apologized profusely to his wife.

Despite his epic act of forgetting, Amnoye said they didn’t argue when he brought it up. He later revealed that they have been married for 27 years and have a 26-year-old son.

This is not the first time a husband has accidentally left his wife during a pit stop. In 2016, a woman became enraged when her forgetful husband left her behind at a service station en route from Brazil to Argentina.

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