A lady from the Gold Coast has been charged with slapping a youngster with a wooden spoon

After pleading guilty to beating her kid with a wooden spoon, a Queensland lady was sentenced to nine months probation.

The 46-year-old Paradise Point resident appeared before Southport Magistrates Court today.

According to the court, the mom struck her son after discovering he had used her credit card to purchase $600 worth of video games.

The woman’s attorney informed the court that she had lost custody of both of her children.

Magistrate Mark Bamberry said in court that he understood “why she did what she did.”

“I can only imagine how tough it is to make ends meet as a single mother with two children,” he remarked.

While he had been smacked as a youngster, the magistrate decided the behaviour was unacceptable.

“My granddad hit me around 40 years ago,” he said.

“Unfortunately, society has progressed and that conduct is no longer accepted.”

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