International travel won’t return to normal until 2023

When is it that people can do international travel safely?
When people do get back to travelling, it’s expected they will do so domestically.
International travel was the most severely impacted area of air travel and will take years to recover.

International travel has been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and won’t return to normal until 2023 predicted.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA), based in Geneva, has released new data showing how the pandemic has affected air travel and when it’s expected to recover.

The new data revealed long-haul, international travel was the most severely impacted area of air travel and will take years to recover. Although in Australia number of Cases has decreased, and PM has announced three stage plan to get Australia going.

Domestic Traveling will be first Preference in Australia

People Will choose to fly domestically once border restrictions will be lifted, Currently few state has restriction to enter, but current situation Australia graph is looking great.

Have to Stop Quarantine

People are holding there travel just because of Quarantine options, because nearly every country has restriction to enter country, people have to go through quarantine for 14 days, Some countries are charging people to pay for that facility, currently Australia Government is proving support to Citizen and Pr holder to stay under Quarantine for 14 days in 5 start hotels with transportation facility provided from Airport to Hotels.

But IATA says if those measures remain in place, it could delay the recovery of air travel, with 69 per cent of recent travellers saying they would not consider travelling if it meant they had to quarantine for a two week period

Instead, the organisation proposes government’s screen passengers at their borders, preventing those who are symptomatic of COVID-19 from travelling, among other measures.

“To protect aviation’s ability to be a catalyst for the economic recovery, we must not make that prognosis worse by making travel impracticable with quarantine measures,” de Juniac said.



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