International students to return to Australia Soon, Can it be July intake ?


Federal government confirming it will consider an exemption to the travel ban.

So Now the Question arrive who will be allowed, The federal government has confirmed it will consider exempting international students from Australia’s travel ban as early as July.

Three Stage Plan are shared with people by Australian Prime Minster Scott Morrison, Which indicate that overseas-based students to return to Australian universities. Mr Morrison it can only be done if we follow strict quarantine restrictions.

“We are open to that, and we would be working with institutions to see how that could be achieved. ( Prime Minister Said)

Source: Federal government

There are at least 10%  international students who are enrolled at Australian institutes are some how stuck in there different countries which is worth $40 Billion a year to the economy.

“Clearly without any international students coming into the country, Australia’s fourth-biggest industry is in a major crisis,” International Education Association of Australia CEO Phil Honeywood said.

Opportunities are there for universities to work with government to provide safe processes.  Mr Power told the Australian Financial Review.

PCIA organized an Live Session with Vision Consultants Representative on this

There is lot of valuable information shared in that live session do consider listening once.

Main question raised in that Live session.

  • Can I defer my semester.
  • July intake going to happen ?
  • Can people on TR can come.

There are lot of question asked and that video is now watched by 15 Thousand people and most of them got there answer what they need.

Thoes who had missed that session can click on the link below to watch video .
Complete Video

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