International Students allowed to Return Australia : Cabinet Meeting

Finally some News from Cabinet, Regarding International Students:

Today’s meeting Australian Government has released stage three restriction, Scott Morrison has discussed reopening boarders and state territories: Source AAP

Who are allowed to Travel ?

Pre-approved International Students will be allowed to return, Whats that mean ? Students can travel on Pilot basis, only depends on states if they agree to open their borders.

I made clear to the state and territories today, If someone can’t come to your state from Sydney, then someone can’t come to your state from Singapore. If you want to open up borders for International Students, then you have to open borders for Australians”

So NSW is the only state which has not closed its state borders, Forcing Government to allow International Student stuck overseas to return and join semester.

Mr Morrison also Stated: We are working closely on state and territories, first on a pilot basis, to enable in a very controlled setting, for international Students to be able to come to Australia but only on pre-approval plans for particular institutions worked up between federal authorities and state territory authorities.

Early Announced that those who are travelling to Australia might end up paying for self quarantine, and have to pay Hotel expenses.

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