Muslims care more about halal food than halal income

Muslims care more worried about the halal food, compared to the status of their source of income.

Malaysian Datuk Dr Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki said in 2017 which addressing nation that public perceives Islam as only related to worship, while the issue of halal and haram — what is permissible and forbidden in Islam — is seen as only related to consumption.

“The concern over halal food and halal labels is paramount. But the similar concerns may not be true when it comes to where the money comes from to buy that halal food

 when it comes to consuming meat, the public are very concerned about ensuring that the slaughter is Shariah compliant, but not as much as the money involved in the purchase.

“The money they received to buy that food, even if coming from usury, interest, corruption, they don’t care. This is something very much the reality in our society today.”

Muslims should understand that there are severe consequences to consuming haraam wealth, even if that is only that one’s du’aa’s are not answered, as it says in Saheeh Muslim 1015, that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said:

“Allah is Good and only accepts that which is good…” and he mentioned a man who has been traveling for a long time and is unkempt and covered with dust, and he raises his hands to the heavens (and says), “O Lord, O Lord,” when his food is haraam, his drink is haraam, his clothes are haraam, and he is nourished with haraam, so how can he receive any response?

May Allah give us strength to earn Halal income, and eat halal food.

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