Free Workshop In Melbourne Drill driver | Laser measure | Patching Plaster walls

Final Call!

Workshop Update

Hello everyone

We have decided to conduct the workshop on 12th of june which is sunday.

Key points:

Workshop will start at 9:30am.

Venue is in Melton, Mel


1. Drill driver

2. Impact driver

3. Multitool

4. Basic hand tools

5. Types of drives

6. Laser measure

7. Laser line level

8. Jigsaw

9. Stud finder

10. Nail gun

11. patching plaster walls

12. hanging stuff on plaster walls

13. introduction to different wall hanging anchors.


Participants will be able to put flat pack together. Home owners can save money and keep their homes in shape while those renting can keep the property in shape and save bond.

Participants should/can bring their own pair of gloves. Ear protection will be provided.

Please bring your own snack and water bottles. The workshop will run for 4-6 hours depending on number of participants.

Those, who have their own drill driver are welcome to bring their own or those interested in buying a drill can buy the one in picture. Can be purchased from total tools or amazon.

Interested people can send me a message on 0435675717.

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