For Indian Nationals ! Fast Track Visitor Visa Service. Why not Pakistan ?

From 2016 India and China is given advantage for Fast Track Visa.

What’s your though on that ? Some asked that on our Facebook Group and below are some responses we got.

It mainly depends on our foreign policy and diplomatic relations with Australia

India has an advantage of being one of the biggest trade partners, investing billions of dollars thus have a leverage. If you compare apple with apple Pakistan is far behind in that aspect.

Pakistan trade size is around $2B and India is at $25B,We are less than 100k here.. they are more than 600k in Australia. They are strategic partners.. we are threat to their values.. What are you comparing!?!?

They have no interest in Pakistan simple is this 😊 and all of us will have to Absorb this truth, Indian invests alot over here in Australia and They have bigger market export, products exchange the main thing is tourism 🙂 Unfortunately its sad for Pakistan

Well the world is turning bipolar with countries either siding with the US or China. Pakistan being a China ally won’t be getting any favors from the west and this is just a start with more bad news yet to come.

India is going to be one of the largest Trade partner of Australia. Both nations are going to sign free trade agreement very soon. On top of everything India is close to Australia because of QUAD alliance.

Why Always Pakistan or Pakistani Students?

Why Visa Applications are taking more than usual time to Decide? WHY NOT INCLUDE PAKISTAN in priority list ? They would be happy to Pay Extra to get their Applications prirotize .

Same like India and China.

Recent census indicates Pakistani are around 95,000 in Australia 🇦🇺

They want to bring partners here. Want to bring Parents here.

Even Pakistan is not in the list to Adopt the child ? Why ?

We Request Australian Department of Home Affairs to look into this matter.

We want Pakistan High Commission Australia to look into this matter and update community.

Please tag related Mp’s who can listen to this and act accordingly.

Please write down how many months you waiting for so they know .

Keep sharing this and tag people who are suffering.


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