Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen thinks Meta can’t heal unless Mark Zuckerberg steps down: report

  • Frances Haugen said Facebook can only recover if Mark Zuckerberg steps down. 
  • In an interview with Bloomberg, she said Facebook promotes hate speech in fragile countries.
  • In May 2021, Haugen resigned from Facebook, bringing with her a trove of damaging information about the company’s policies.

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen claimed the social media behemoth won’t be able to recover until Mark Zuckerberg steps down as chief executive.

In an interview with Bloomberg, she talked about what motivated her to go public when she left the firm in May 2021.

Haugen gathered tens of thousands of pages of evidence that proved the social media giant knew its products were hurting youngsters’ mental health, fomenting ethnic conflict in places such as Ethiopia, and were failing to regulate disinformation before the Washington DC protests on January 6 last year.

She told Bloomberg that Zuckerberg “genuinely thinks that Facebook is simply a mirror” of reality, and that “you are unhappy because you can see it now.”

“Mark has been surrounded by individuals since he was 19 years old who told him he was doing a terrific job,” adding “we may trash Zuckerberg, but it’s not going to help him recover quicker.”

Haugen stated that, unlike most other public corporations, Zuckerberg has 56 percent of the voting rights. “No one, except Mark Zuckerberg can manage Facebook right now.”

When asked by Bloomberg’s Emma Barnett whether Zuckerberg should quit, she said: “I don’t believe the firm can recover as long as he remains the CEO of it.”

Haugen talked on a tweak Facebook made to its algorithm in 2018 to stimulate reactions from users, rather than attempting to boost dwell time alone. “Unless we can elicit a response from you, it’s not good,” she continued.

Extreme material receives the greatest circulation in “linguistically varied regions”, Haugen told Bloomberg, which meant they were utilising the most “hazardous form of Facebook” and allowing opportunity for hate speech.

Daniel Motaung claims that he sought to create an employee union as a consequence of the horrific stuff that moderators had to see but was sacked due of his activities.

“The fact that he [Zuckerberg] doubled down on the metaverse when I brought up problems about genocide,” Haugen noted in the interview, “instead of genuinely making these systems safe. I believe that’s a dereliction of duty.”

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