Mandatory face masks will soon be scrapped at Australian airports, with the restrictions set to expire in the coming days.

Massive regulatory change for Aussie travellers as masks are abolished from the inside of airports this week.

  • It is expected that the mandatory use of face masks at Australian airports will soon be abolished.
  • While flying, passengers are still compelled to wear face masks unless they’re eating.
  • To begin, states and territories must revise their public health regulations.

Masks will no longer be necessary to be worn at Australian airports, but they will still be required on flights, except when passengers are eating.

The federal government stated late Tuesday that the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) had advised that masks no longer be required in terminals as of Friday, June 17, at midnight.

While masks are still mandatory on all flights, the AHPCC has stated that it will provide additional guidance in the future.

It is expected that the travelling public will notice this shift in the days following Friday, as states and territories make revisions to their public health orders, according to the health minister and infrastructure minister.

Ministers said in a joint statement that the AHPPC had examined Australia’s current Covid-19 situation and determined that mandating mask use in terminals was no longer appropriate.

All states and territories have “loosened mask mandates in most community situations,” according to the AHPPC statement.

AHPPC advises Australians to keep using masks to help stop the prevalence of influenza and Covid-19.

It is important to safeguard those who cannot be vaccinated and those who have a higher risk of getting serious sickness, the ministers added. Masks are an important part of this effort.

In May, the European Union ceased enforcing mask wearing on flights, but individual member states were responsible for implementing the rule change.

It’s hoped that removing the face masks will be a “big step forward in the normalisation of air travel,” according to EASA.

In light of vaccination levels and natural immunity, as well as the lifting of restrictions in more and more European countries, the decision was made to move forward.

As a reminder to passengers, EASA executive director Patrick Ky warned that they should still behave in an appropriate manner.

A passenger who is frequently sneezing and coughing should wear a face mask, he advised, for the benefit of those sitting nearby.

A uniform approach to mask mandates was advocated by airlines as a result of the positive response to the revisions

When masks are no longer required in other parts of daily life, like theatres, offices, or public transportation, the International Air Transport Association’s director general, Willie Walsh, says it’s time to end the requirement for them on aircraft.

Australian airport operators, who have long called for the mandate to be lifted, will be relieved that it has been.

On Tuesday, there were 25,622 new cases of Covid-19 across Australia.

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