Expenses in Australia | Planning to Move Australia ? Check this 2020 update.

Planning to come Australia ? Let’s get started

This videos is about cost of living in Australia specifically for international students. Our host Danish Naqash (Click here to Subscribe) explains how much would a person be spending on their cost of living in Australia and what would be basic expenses while living in Australia. For someone who is not aware how much expenses to incur, Australia can be expensive and this video helps you save money by breaking down the expenses for food, travel and accomodation in Australia.

The information in the video gives you a brief of how much would you be spending on accommodation . Also, it talks about average rent in Melbourne Sydney. All the information you need about cost of living, including your public transport or car expenses, food expenses (groceries and restaurants) and accommodation on rent in Australia is explained step by step with visuals to make understanding easy for you.

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