Meet the youngest Pakistani Drummer in Australia.

Meet Eshan Lakhani, who is just 10 years old and has not only made his parents proud but his city ‘Melbourne’ too.

His first encounter with drums, was when Eshan had just turned four years old, he picked up the drum set at a music shop and after coming home he started playing by himself.

“Learning the drums is often compared to learning a foreign language and it came naturally to him”.

Eshan was born with multiple health problems and he was on the life support system for more than a week. However, He went to receive some speech and physiotherapies in his early stage of life but that didn’t stop him from achieving his goals.

Proud parents

Ages 6 to 7 are considered the best age to learn the drums as kids have enough strength and coordination to hold drumsticks but Eshan started his journey at the age of 2. Eshan is very much capable of managing his studies along with playing the drum and other activities. Sometimes it is tough, but he is developing his skills to carry his passion.

Eshan is a quick learner and gets an extra ordinary support from school and community to carry forward his love for his drums.

Music changed my life

Exposure to music enhances a child’s natural ability to decode sounds and words. We have a perfect example when we see Eshan Lakhani.

Eshan was going to a speech pathologist to improve his communication skills. He had problems to speak, understanding language, voice, reading, writing and hearing. As he started playing the drum at the age of 2, he also started learning songs which helped him in learning new words. By singing Eshan started identifying sound patterns and learned through repetition. Even if he doesn’t understand the lyrics of a song, he can move to the rhythm of the music.

Sharing stage with Bollywood celebrities

Eshan has never been afraid of experimenting, performing with celebrities or sharing the stage with Bollywood personalities. He has shared a stage with many Bollywood celebrities.

Eshan gets very excited every time he plays with someone or share stage with celebrities.

He listens to music and he play a pattern on a drum. He also mimics the song which helps him to learn the music faster.

Eshan plays Piano too and watch T.V sometimes as ways to break the monotony of sitting behind the drums.

In 2018 Eshan was selected for the ‘Jubilee Arts Festival’ organised by International Arts Community where he represented Australia in Portugal.

Eshan is coping well with his health and he is also good with sports like Tennis


👉 Recently performed with #AtifAslam in Melbourne Australia.

👉 Paticipated in Melbourne Australia, Pakistan Independence day event.

📌 Recently Played at Federation Square Melbourne Australia 14th August 2019.

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