Do you know depression and anxiety affect millions of people each year?

Client‘s Case Study:

One of my client’s, Sarah (name changed due to privacy), was a people pleaser as she was living in the shadow of others. She had severe “smiling depression” and anxiety that she hid with a smile. Sarah had pain in her jaw and neck because of the fakeness she portrayed and would doubt herself by thinking something was missing. Through this, she felt disconnected from her true self.

Although she did not want to listen and do things that others told her to most of the time, she felt the need to, due to the fear of losing her loved ones and the fear of loneliness.

She felt lost and confused and became a victim of overthinking. She had depression, anxiety, emotional eating disorder, and insomnia because of childhood trauma and toxic relationships and neglect from her parents.

Whenever Sarah cried in her childhood, she was made fun of by her dad and siblings or shouted at to stop crying. At the age of 6, she stopped crying loudly because of the fear of verbal abuse. This led to her suppressing her emotions, followed by emotional numbness. She started laughing and smiling, ignoring her negative feelings.

As Sarah grew up, she couldn’t sleep, had a change in appetite, lost interest in her daily activities, started shaking whenever anyone shouted and wanted to be in bed, hoping she wouldn’t live.

The doctor recommended her antidepressants as the first option instead of discovering the root causes. The medicine didn’t aid her, and she started having nightmares and developed a disturbed sleeping pattern by staying awake at night and sleep during the day. Sarah avoided showers and always kept herself in the dark. Her situation got worse day by day. Her doctor then prescribed a high dose of sleeping pills that caused her addiction.

Sarah found me through a Facebook group where I shared insight on a post that spoke of depression. She reached out for help by messaging me and attending a 15-minute complimentary call; her journey started there. It was clear that Sarah was serious about needing help, so she then booked a paid self-discovery call where I went deep to find the hidden root causes of her issues. I then explained the future value she would receive if she worked with me. After knowing the result and value she would get out of my program, Sarah said YES to the “Awaken Your Power Within” program and said, “this is what I was looking for, Fizza!”

It was clear that Sarah was committed to transforming her life by connecting with her true self. As I am The Relationship Guru & Transformation Coach, I helped her at every step of the way.

Just after the first session, she had a peaceful sleep at night. After the second session, she stopped taking antidepressants and sleeping pills. After every session, it was evident that Sarah was slowly unleashing and awakening the power within her by releasing the past traumas, fears and negative emotions.

After reprogramming her mind with my help, she started glowing from within. She overcame smiling depression and anxiety. Now, she has a peaceful sleep and has regained her identity with a genuine smile. Now she is enjoying her happy life and purpose by being authentic with a genuine smile.

Please Note: The result varies from person to person depending on the situation and commitment of the client.


Smiling depression: Hiding behind a smile

People with smiling depression hide their concerns and pain behind a happy face by pretending to be happy and enjoying a great life. The majority of individuals who are experiencing depression mask their symptoms. They are silently killing themselves; this leads to suicidal thoughts.

These people are at a higher risk of hurting themselves and taking their own lives by committing suicide. Doctors give medicine that only numb emotion and make you feel sleepy.

The good news is; that this common mental health issue is treatable, not just by medicine. Therapy is the permanent solution that helps you clear your past traumas, fears and negative emotions that push you to have smiling depression.

Robin Williams is an excellent example of smiling depression.
He made millions of people smile; however, he was silently struggling in his life.

Reasons for Hiding Depression

Do you know why you try to hide your depression?

  • You have a fear of what others will think.
  • You do not feel comfortable sharing with others.
  • You have a fear of losing your job.
  • You fear discrimination.
  • You pretend to be happy, thinking you overcome it easily.
  • You hide behind the smile because you do not want to face the reality that you are depressed.
  • You think the signs of depression are weaknesses.
  • You think that you burden others by expressing your feelings.
  • You convince yourself that you don’t have depression since you’re “fine”.
  • You think that the world would be a better place without you.
  • You think that a mental illness is a weakness
  • You scroll through social media and see pictures of happy people. Consequently, you start to believe that you’re the only one struggling with mental health issues.
  • You feel afraid or embarrassed to seek treatment.
  • You feel ashamed of your feelings
  • Professional help/treatment is expensive.

I must have to say nothing is expensive in comparison to your wellbeing.

Signs of Smiling Depression

There are multiple signs of smiling depression. These vary from person to person.

They include:

  • Lack of Concentration:

Due to emotional stress and tiredness, you can’t concentrate on anything in your life, especially at work. You lose the ability to focus on your task because of overthinking.

  • Change in Sleeping pattern:

Some people struggle to get out of bed when they’re depressed because they want to sleep all the time. Others can’t sleep and have insomnia. Some people have strange sleeping patterns, such as sleeping in the afternoon.

  • Emotional Eating Disorder:

Due to depression, many people’s appetite changes; while some of you overeat when you’re depressed, others lose their appetite. You start losing weight or gaining weight. This is a prevalent sign of depression.

  • Avoid social interactions and gatherings:

You fear the judgement of others. This affects your activities and behaviour at and outside of work as well as your family life.

  • Feelings of despair & no hope:

The majority of you lose hope and don’t expect anything better from your future. You start focusing on the negative side of your life; this leads to guilt, feelings of worthlessness and hopelessness.

  • Loss of interest in activities:

People with smiling depression usually lose interest in the activities they used to enjoy.

  • Fatigue and lack of energy:

Fatigue is feeling extremely tired. It sometimes makes it hard for you to get out of bed in the morning and stop you from fulfilling your daily tasks. You feel exhausted because of overthinking and repeating the same thought pattern in your mind upsets you.

Case studies show that when you disconnect from yourself, live in the shadow, and become a people pleaser, you have smiling depression. I must tell you that you are ruining your life. It’s time to think about yourself by taking charge of your life.

Treatment for Smiling Depression

As I have mentioned before, people with smiling depression often mask their negative emotions with a smile to hide their inner suffering.

If you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms of depression but are hiding it from everyone else, you need to know that help is available.

The smile outside is waiting to match how you feel on the inside. You deserve to feel truly happy. You have now read the story of my client Sarah. If Sarah can do it, you can do too.

Being the Relationship Guru & Transformational Coach,
I am here to help you in regaining your genuine smile by being authentic. You need to reach out and connect with your true purpose to enjoy a happy, fulfilled life with a genuine smile by being authentic.

I have got your back.

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