Class 12 student faints after finding himself alone among 500 girls at exam center in Bihar

A Class 12 student fainted in the exam hall at Sharif Allama Iqbal College in Bihar, you will be surprised to know the reason.

The boy’s aunt told ANI that the reason he fainted inside the exam hall was because he panicked after finding out that he was the only boy among 50 girls.

The boy had gone to Brilliant School to appear for his intermediate examination. He had come there to give his mathematics paper.
He also developed headache and fever and was taken to hospital.

“He went to the exam center and saw the room full of girls, he got nervous and got fever, and fainted,” ANI quoted his aunt as saying.

Students are usually nervous before board exams and more nervous before difficult papers like maths and science. And for the young man from Bihar, the problem was compounded by being alone among 50 girls.

Was it gynophobia? Probably. But we all also know how eagerly we look at the familiar faces of our friends during exams!

But why was she allotted a center where there were only girls? Was it intentional?

On this the principal of the examination center told the media that her gender in her admit card was female which should have been corrected by a boy before the examination and maybe that is why she was allotted a center where only girls were allotted. was

Bullying during exams is nothing new in India. We have seen Sunny Leone on the admit card of the candidates!

Students are asked to submit personal details before important exams like board exams. After final registration for the examinations, students are issued admit cards which serve as proof of registration for the examination. Students are generally given adequate time to correct errors.

However, many students and parents bother not to check the admit card and other details. The stress of exams and fear of wasting time in preparation can be the reason.

While on the one hand the examination system completely decides the fate of the student, there are such bookings every year.

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