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Pakistani Community in Australia

Do you know depression and anxiety affect millions of people each year?

Client‘s Case Study:

One of my client’s, Sarah (name changed due to privacy), was a people read more

Simple Act of Kindness.. ! Can you Share your Meal with Others ?Register Today

Pandemic has hit hard Across Australia, During 2020 when we have our first lockdown in Australia, read more

When Will Australia Open it’s Border ?? These are our Predictions and Summary.

Most Common Question Border Kab open hogaye. When Will Border Open ?

Answer: I am not an expert or read more

PFIZER Vaccine Approved !International Students now Allowed Travel to Australia ? PM Said No

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine has been provisionally approved for rollout in Australia, the Therapeutic read more

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max breaks records in DisplayMate Test

The iPhone12 has been the center of attention of the mobile world since its release a month ago. The read more

زندگی کے نشیب و فراز میں ایسے لمحات بھی آتے ہیں جب انسان

میں نے یہ آرٹیکل پڑھا سوچا آپ سب کے ساتھ شئیر کروں !!!

read more

International Borders Expected to Remain Closed untill Covid-19 Vaccine is Available

John Frydenberg, The Treasure confirmed the decision to wait until a vaccine is Avialble.

He said read more

بزنس آئیڈیا

دوپہر کے وقت میں کھانا بنانے میں مصروف تھا۔چھڑا ہاؤس (Bachelor read more

پردیس میں رہنے والوں سے جب سوال کرو تو یہ جواب دیتے ہیں

‏سوال: تمہارے بال کیوں سفید ہو گئے؟
جواب: اس ملک کا پانی read more


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