When Will Australia Open it’s Border ?? These are our Predictions and Summary.

Most Common Question Border Kab open hogaye. When Will Border Open ?

Answer: I am not an expert or any authority but thats my summary if that helps anyone.

First of all Australian getting covid Vaccine 💉 which is supposed to finish by October 2021.(So i guess Australia will close there borders till then for sure)

Second if you follow National Air line they start taking booking from July Qantas ( is it a good sign ? My answer is they seems to be loosing shares they have to announce before they collapse that’s only my prediction or I Might be wrong I hope Please correct me If you disagree.

Now lets talk about lets suppose border open in July :

Are you allowed to travel ?

There are few Travel bubble or Travel zone Green Yellow Red.

Australia announced today they put Newzealand in Green zone today to travel .

So now imagine when they will put Pakistan or India ?

Next Question

Have you got your Covid Vaccine Yet or your country?

Answer is as our country is heavy populated its not easy to get vaccines quickly as our PM announced they will have frontline workers and aged People to do Vaccines 💉 so imagine when will your turn comes up.

Shall i Apply Student Visa ?

This is golden era to apply i have seen visa on Diploma as well that shows Australia willing to take students .

Shall i defer or take refund from my institution?

Best is to check college or institution refund policy and see if you going to do so will that hurt u financially ?

Lastly I am a citizen and PR holder can I travel ?

Keep checking sky-scanner website to get better deal Just a tip search night time with incognito 🥸 mode you will find cheaper price.

Hope thats the summary if anyone would like to add feel free to comment.I am saying again i am not an expert but i can predit border can open untill July 2022 hopefully i am Wrong 😑



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