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Hong Kong’s Cheung Kong Center is one of the best buildings out there. The 68-storey building is the third tallest building in Hong Kong. The building also houses the offices of Cheong Kong Holdings and some other multinational corporations, among other offices.

For some time, however, nearly a quarter of Hong Kong’s high-rise buildings have been vacant, and many of the city’s most expensive commercial locations have also been vacant.

Hong Kong is currently affected by many factors. Hong Kong’s borders with China are closed, causing difficulties for companies that used the city as a hub for their operations in the country.

In the other corner of the world, in America, although the corona virus has been controlled through vaccines, the situation is worse there. It was predicted that office workers would return to offices in large numbers once the corona was over, but these predictions turned out to be wrong.

According to recent figures from Manhattan, the number of air travelers and people attending sporting events has returned to pre-coronavirus levels, but offices are still largely empty.

Only 40 to 50 percent of office workers in Manhattan now come to the office every day. This means that the subway system here carries far fewer passengers than the capacity, while the subway system is a source of revenue for the city.

The situation is so bad that New York Mayor Eric Adams is considering permanently converting all vacant offices in the city into affordable housing.

Tech giants like Facebook and Amazon, which bought office space at the start of the pandemic, have either stopped buying or are now trying to sell the space.

San Francisco is home to the headquarters of several major technology companies, and the situation is even worse there. According to a recent report in the New York Times, the city’s downtown has been deserted due to layoffs and work-from-home permits.

The absence of employees means that the number of people using civic services has also decreased, which means that the income will also decrease. Like Hong Kong’s Cheung Kong Center, the newly constructed Salesforce Tower is also partially vacant. This is because people work from home in this company as well.

The changing trends in the use of offices are an indication that a big change is about to happen. Although Pakistanis working in local organizations may not see any changes immediately and may not be able to work from home immediately, the cost savings of working from home are significant. It is likely to affect the way new companies operate.

This is especially true of businesses whose products are priced based on the cost of delivering the goods and not on the paycheck for being in the office. Those who are unable to make the change will face rising costs and will be at a greater disadvantage than competitors who adopt the change.

The hierarchical model of managerial positions in Pakistan may have lasted longer than in other regions of the world, but eventually the advantages of low cost will eliminate the mentality that results in a boss wanting to see employees in front of his eyes in the office.

Another major shift in the global talent market is also likely. One of the reasons why big technology companies have been laying off people in large numbers in recent months may be that they are embracing the work-from-home model. Thus, those companies can also hire people from abroad for content moderation and other such tasks.

If last century’s big change was the shift of manufacturing from Western countries to the cheaper markets of Asia and Latin America, this century’s big change will be the shift of certain types of technology jobs to Asian engineers and coders.

If indeed this happens, it will mean a change in the trends of using talent around the world. Under the current system, people have to go abroad for work and thousands of talented and skilled people went abroad from Pakistan last year alone.

Pakistanis going abroad not only have to migrate themselves, but their families also have to go through the process and struggle with work visa limitations and other difficulties. But in case of working from home, the trend of migration will be reduced a lot. Doctors are required to be present at the workplace, but perhaps people from finance, engineering, and technology fields can work abroad while still living in their home country.

With Western populations losing support for immigration, this new form of using the services of foreign nationals at a lower cost may be the best solution for everyone.

Pakistanis who are currently choosing their careers and making future decisions should keep these changing trends in mind.

If the goal is to migrate to a foreign country, then take up a profession in the field of medicine or a similar profession that requires you to be present at the workplace. If one wants to take advantage of the work-from-home opportunities that are likely to emerge in other fields, one must know how to manage teams using Slack and similar tools. is going.

The more an individual has the ability to work from home with a global team, the more likely they are to land a job.

For most of the last half century, people have migrated for employment. In the new era this number can be seen to decrease as where people live and where they work are now 2 completely separate matters. Now people will be physically distant from each other but their minds will be connected to each other.

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