Resigned from a 7-figures salaried Job in Australia and decided to live permanently in Pakistan for my parent.

Today, I have resigned from a 7-figures salaried (PKR) Job in Australia and decided to live permanently in Pakistan for my parents. Can’t even call it a sacrifice because it is nothing, literally nothing in front of what they did for me. It became more evident when Allah blessed me with a child. How powerless she is while laying in that cot. Same would’ve been the case with me when I was this little. They’ve spent every last dime to make us what we are and yet they suffer at the cost of our “success“ ? Not anymore.

They wouldn’t ever ask you to come back because they’re so used to of living alone and your comfort would be last thing they’d trade for theirs’s. So I had to decide, which I did in a micro second very easily and then packed everything up.

Living in western society makes your realize that how FREE you are when you have NO study debt on you after completion of studies. But who wears the crown of our success? It’s THEM. I thought it might be wise to bring them along and let them enjoy the “perks” of this society but trust me. There’s no charm for them here due to 180 degrees different culture and most importantly without their relatives because we don’t have much time to give them due to our busy routines but even then they’ll live ONLY for your comfort and yet making another sacrifice.

I am Alhamdulillah very happy and content with my decision and pray for consistency infront of Almighty that may He make it easier and easier for me to settle because my intention is nothing but to ONLY see my parents happy and relieved. I literally begged for this “Qubooliat” that may Allah choose me to serve my parents and after four attempts my path cleared.

Any “success” or “achievement” is nothing but sheer blessing from Allah on me. I can’t take a single credit of any hardwork because I’ve seen way big strugglers still not there where I came in a very short time. Only due to prayers of my parents and those who Allah made me waseela for. Although I do not consider myself a very religious person which is a shame but I still try to be connected as much as I can by doing very little that I can for our human fellows.

Every single person I told this has surprisingly supported me with this decision. The reason of making this post is to motivate those who are in a situation like mine and are not able to decide yet. You might be in a situation like mine where all other siblings live abroad and parents are alone. So don’t wait for others to make this decision. Take your step and leave the rest on Allah.



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