A Moment of PRIDE – Singing the National Anthem at the Gabba Cricket Stadium

Umer Syed is a Pakistani-born musician and singer who migrated to Australia four years ago.

Since relocating to his new home down under, he’s developed a reputation for being the best singer and musician in the local Pakistani community in Brisbane.

“I work in technology, but I’ve always been passionate about music,” Umer said. “I was in a rock band in Pakistan for years. I’ve played concerts, festivals, underground gig – you name it.”

Since moving to Brisbane, Umer pursues his passion for music by performing at local concerts for the Pakistani and Indian community with his band Fuze-Box, that has members from Pakistan, India, Fiji and Australia.

Umer’s voice usually lends itself to rock and contemporary styles, but he had a new challenge recently when he was invited to sing the Pakistani national anthem at the start of the First Pakistan vs Australia Test Match on 21 November 2019 at the Gabba Cricket Stadium.

“It was very emotional, singing those words in my new home, seeing the country of my past and the country of my present come together,” Umer said. “I just tried to stay confident and calm.”

While Umer has performed in front of thousands of people in the past, he said this was a feeling he never experienced before.

“I’ll cherish that moment for the rest of my life,” he said. “It really was a moment of pride for me.”

After the performance, Shaneira Akram, the Australian wife of Pakistani cricket legend Wasim Akram, tweeted that it had made her emotional.

“That added whole new level of joy for me,” Umer added.

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