75% of Pakistan’s population suffers from depression: Health experts say

Public health experts and intellectuals have pointed out that about 75 percent of people in Pakistan, especially the youth, suffer from stress, anxiety or depression.

Health Services Academy (HSA) Vice-Chancellor Professor Shahzad Ali Khan said that the majority of the Pakistani population is either depressed, stressed or anxious and is not very optimistic about the country’s future.

He was speaking at the launch of the 24th thematic calendar of the Jahan Messiah Literary Forum (JMAF). In these circumstances, the theme of the 2023 calendar is Allama Iqbal’s message “Khudi”.

Professor Khan said that hopelessness and despair have spread among the youth and in these circumstances Iqbal’s message can raise the morale of the Pakistani nation again.

He further said that Pakistani youth now consider everyone as corrupt and incompetent, adding that majority of the youth are eager to leave the country even though the whole world is facing problems and issues like inflation, unemployment and recession. .

Prof Khan said, “Initially, teachers and academia in our society were targeted and vilified, later, doctors and health care professionals were vilified and the same treatment was carried out by politicians. was also done with,” Professor Khan added, adding that things were not that bad. As they were being photographed.

Appreciating Iqbal’s philosophy, he added that he was able to transform the youth of the minority groups in the Indian subcontinent into a united force by teaching them lessons of optimism, passion and motivation.

The event was organized in partnership with pharmaceutical firm Pharmevo, which is promoting Iqbal’s philosophy among healthcare professionals across the country.

Syed Jamshed Ahmed of Pharmio emphasized on the establishment and formation of a healthy society in Pakistan and said that for a healthy society, not only medicines but also the promotion of literary activities like book fairs, mushairas etc. is necessary.

Renowned poet Ajmal Siraj said that an advisory committee comprising academics, writers and intellectuals selected Iqbal’s life and literary works as the theme for next year’s calendar.

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