There will be a $3000 COVID-19 “thank you” payment for NSW healthcare staff.

A $3000 “thank you” payment will be given to healthcare personnel in New South Wales for their contributions during the COVID-19 outbreak.
Premier Dominic Perrottet made the statement this morning as he outlined a $4.5 billion plan to strengthen the state’s health staff.

There will be a salary cap hike for health workers and other public sector employees in the state, in addition to the $3000 one-off payment, in the following years,

Perrottet said that the pay ceiling will climb from 2.5 percent to three percent this year, and then to 3.5 percent the next year.

It follows previous strikes by healthcare workers over salary rates and staffing levels.

The latter problem will also be addressed in a government proposal to grow the workforce by more than 10,000 employees.

It’s important to remember that there was no vaccine for the pandemic, and that’s why our health professionals risked their lives every day to provide treatment for patients, which is why everyone in NSW owes our health workers a debt of gratitude, according to Perrottet.

“COVID-19 has revealed some vulnerabilities in the system,” says Dr. Alex Mackey of Liverpool Hospital in Sydney’s southwest.

According to the person, “The emergency department is over-crowded, the staff is exhausted, and we’re in need of some support.”

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